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Coastal Raptors is a non-profit organization headed by Dan Varland with Mark Schult as webmaster. Coastal Raptors is dedicated to providing research and education programs leading to better understanding and conservation of raptors in coastal environments. Active since 1995 and with non-profit 501(c)(3) status beginning May 2009, the goals are to:
Peregrine falcon feeding on the beach Peregrine falcon feeding on the beach Peregrine falcon flying away from kill Bald eagle flying away with falcon's kill
This photo series was taken on March 4, 2011 by Dalene Edgar of Ocean Shores. It shows one of our banded Peregrine Falcons, P/4, feeding on a Common Murre that she had captured at the water’s edge. In one photo P/4 is seen eyeing a Bald Eagle, which was flying in to take her meal. Wisely, she decided to leave.

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